Career Connections is a way for our students to learn about a variety of careers and positions in our community and the surrounding areas. This experience provides opportunities to ask questions, get involved, and have a better understanding of careers and how they connect to the students' classroom learning!

School Resource Officer Deputy Solomon sharing with students what it takes to become a York County Sheriff.

School resource officer

Shapleigh Rescue Squad teaches our students basic first aid skills and how to be an EMT.

Students practicing first aid.Student getting her arm wrapped during first aid trainingStudent on stretcher during first aid training

Mrs. Yaxley shares her experience as a nurse and how blood circulates through your body.

Mrs. Ashley from Sanford Institution for Savings shows the students how instead of money, people traded or exchanged non-monetary items (shells, grain, livestock) for things they needed.Mrs. Yaxley talks about being a nurseMrs. Ashley holding up handmade item to students

Students learning how to use the green screen in the MakerSpace with Mrs. Boemmels

  Students learn how to use the green screen

Students practicing coding with BeeBot in the MakerSpace with Mrs. Boemmels

Students learning how to code, sitting on the floor

Mrs. Hartford shares the science behind making maple syrup.

Students learning how to make maple syrup.

Students learn how airports use different technologies to support planes taking off and landing safely from Mr. Ashley (Federal Aviation Administration).Students learning about airports

Students learning about martial arts. Mr. Smith encourages our students to be good citizens of the community through integrity, honesty and respect.

 Students learning martial artsStudents learning martial arts with Mr. Smith

Kinesthetic learning with Brook's Dance Studio!

Kids dancing with Brook's Dance Studio

Origami lesson to support students visual-spatial learning with Mrs. Hamlin.

Kids learning origami.